Mini Sketchie Mini-Festo!

I am making teeny, tiny, itty, bitty, too cute for shoes sketchbooks that are exactly the right size to keep a universe of creativity right in your pocket!

Mini Sketchies are made from the scraps left over after I've made sketchbooks for my classes and for my friends to encourage freedom in creativity. This way, I get to reduce waste AND share the love with others with these irresistible bb books. 

You can order your own 5-pack of mini sketchies at the StickyInklings shop. And, true to the manifesto, this creativity begets MORE creativity! All profits from mini sketchies help support materials purchases for more sketchbooks that are provided for youth and adults in creative classes and programs, many of which are offered for free to the community through partnerships with local non-profits and city organizations.

Want some Mini Sketchies?

Order your cute and pocket-able sketchbooks at

(you can also get some stickers to stick to your sketchbooks!)


The Sketchbook Manifesto

The world needs as much creation as possible. There is plenty of destruction, let some of us devote ourselves to creating what is missing from us.

The sketchbook is a perfect tool to do this work. It is a small infinite space that can unfold to reveal our greatest achievements and most embarrassing attempts. The creative practice/ the artist life, is using every opportunity to try something and fall short of our own expectations. And this is a vital practice.​​

  1. Creativity is an essential function of consciousness…

    • we know we are, and we know someday we won’t be

    • we wish to create so that we can extend our existence beyond ourselves

  2. Creativity is generative…

    • it is something which cannot run out, although it is sometimes out of reach

    • it is something that when I share it, my magic Slurpee cup of sticky sweet creativity is refilled like the miracle of Dr. Pepper and Hot Cheetos feeding multitudes

  3. Curiosity is creative…

    • when we’re curious, we create the space for exploration, experimentation, and understanding

    • when we’re absorbed by our own knowledge, we destroy wonder

  4. Creativity requires a challenge…

    • nothing worth doing is ever easy

    • and nothing worth doing can ever be done by sharing a thing you saw but didn’t have time to read

  5. Creativity teaches acceptance…

    • of our messy selves, our less flattering selves, our ugly-crying selves, our mean selves, our dirty selves

    • we are often unimpressed by our own creations… because we fear they may be unimpressed by us

Super long, overly earnest, hand-written manifesto.

The practices which include fulling one’s basic purpose, generating experiences for others, being curious and inquisitive, seeking challenge, and accepting oneself, are the practices of an actualized life.

Creativity does not thrive alone. Not only must I practice my own creativity, I must encourage others. And encourage others to encourage others. Encouraging another person to create something is telling them that their story matters, that their song will be heard, that their recipe will be tasted, that their self-important and fairly cheesy manifesto deserves 3 minutes of attention. If there is any way to heal the world and bring us to a place of common love and kindness, that will be the first step: to tell someone that they are important enough to bring something into existence.