• Jen

I Made This! Tree Costume & Halloween Hob Raising

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

I have an affinity for trees and knitting. This year for Halloween, I found a way to combine these semi-obsessions into a deceptively simple, actually overly ambitious project when I decided my Goodwill tree costume needed to have a hand knit sweater because Oregon is cold in October.

And then someone told me that my foliage was actually for a shrubbery, and I found that to be hilarious and was inspired to go around telling people to find another shurbbery to put next to me. But I didn't know the people I was hanging out with very well so I didn't actually do that.

I just thought it would be funny.

Also Rick was a lumberjack. His ACTUAL REAL axe totally stole the show.

The night ended when I dared a man in a bear costume and a man dressed like a lumberjack (that is, Rick) to a hot sauce challenge, and got the better of myself as I was soon running about the house trying to discretely put a lot of ranch dressing in my mouth as I cried uncontrollably.

Eh, party times :p