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Introducing Salted Caramel: Sassy Wisdom Webcomic

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

*Salted Caramel in InklingsIllustrated*

Salted Caramel is an advice webcomic written by my sweet (and salty) friend, Angie Cloutier, and illustrated by me! This is the first time either of us has ever done a project like this and we're both super excited to see what we can make together.

Here's a little background on what the comic means to us:

From Angie

I feel startlingly whole, healthy, and comfortable in my own skin these days.

I have spent most of my life wishing I were a totally different “me.” I have spent too much time with a martyr complex, judging myself and other people too harshly, and feeling disgusted with the fact that we have to have bodies at all. I tend towards anxiety and OCD and I’ve worn glasses since before they were cool.

Eventually it got too painful to be a reactive ball of emotion all the time, so I started reading self-help books and going to therapy and trying to figure out what I could do differently. Learning to name and describe my emotions was Step Number One towards freedom. I hope to describe all the important steps in comic form.

If I can help one person move one step further towards emotional health one percent faster than they would have otherwise gotten there, that’s a home run. I have already enjoyed the challenge of codifying the hundreds of hours I have invested in learning emotional intelligence into 4-6 panel form.

I’m psyched out of my mind to be doing this.

I have learned a lot, but I don’t know everything...yet.

From Jen

So, if art is my thing (and it really is), then making art with my friends is my essence.

Comics have always been a special part of my life, from looking at my dad's collection of

over-sized Spider-Man issues, reading the newspaper comics with my baby sister and working in comic shops through college. Webcomics really became a thing for me when I was working overnights and struggling pretty hard with depression. I used to lay in bed tired out of my mind and super lonely (working overnights can be SO LONELY) and I'd get on Tumblr and Instagram and look up different comics where the artists behind them were expressing how they deal with the issues in their lives. Gemma Correll, Sarah's Scribbles, Lunarbaboon, and ShenComix are some of my longtime favorites.

Those comics are an important part - alongside therapy and a supportive community - of what gets me through some of the rough times. I've learned so much from them, not only how to actually cope with depression, anxiety, heartache, fear, and doubt, but also how to express, connect, and encourage one another, through art. From webcomics, I've learned what it looks like to be dedicated to a craft, to work and produce and sometimes take a break when it is needed. I'm so grateful to webcomic artists who have shared their lives in such public ways, to encourage others and show them they're not alone. And man oh man, to be able to do the same, with one my best friends in the whole world? How could it get better?

I'm so excited to be working on this project, to share it with you all and to see where it goes <3

Salted Caramel updates every Friday, here on InklingsIllustrated.com/salted-caramel and you can follow us on Instagram: @salted_caramel_comic