• Jen

Fruits of Chaos (2020) and #The100DayProject

Fruits of Chaos, ink on paper (2020)

What is it about apples? Luscious, juicy, tempting fruits are often found at the heart of chaos and wickedness in fairytales, myths, and folklore. The drama of Eve, her slithery seducer, and her ill-advised savor of gushing fruit may have flooded the world with knowledge, but it cost the bliss of paradise. Discordia's golden apple, tossed spitefully into a crowd of goddesses ignited pride, jealousy and led to the bitter, decade-long Trojan War. The envious Evil Queen/ Stepmother of innocent Snow White was creative enough in the kitchen to consider poisoning a child with an otherwise healthy afternoon snack to be a good way to cleanly restore her vanity.

I LOVE apples; they're quite honestly my favorite fruit anytime and anywhere. And I LOVE myths, fairy tales, legends and folklore. I had the idea for this illustration knocking around in my head for a while after I sketched it out.

I kept those three stories of Eve, Discordia, and the Evil Queen in mind as I worked out the design and colors, hoping to evoke elements from all of them in the final, including the snake, garden, golden apple, gilt mirror frame, and the long dark pony tail (an homage to my favorite version of the Evil Queen from the show Once Upon a Time, portrayed by Lana Parilla).

Working on this also got me thinking about that I'd like to do for this year's #The100DayProject. Since working on illustration and generating a portfolio for pro-gigs, I'm thinking my project will be on monsters and villains. I don't know what it is, but there's just something so fun about illustrating the bad guys, the creepers and crawlers, the more sinister and insidious, the better. I also have a really good resource to help me with material for illustrations. Usually as I draw, I like to listen to something, and lately I've been gratifying my insatiable taste for fantasy and folktales with the podcast Myths and Legends. This was a Rick suggestion, and he knows me well because I can't get enough. The stories are really well-told, with a refreshing lively and self-aware tone that makes it so bingeable. And the best part for my project, each episode ends with a monster of the week. So yeah, I'm going to use that to help me with illustration ideas.

I'll be posting my #The100DayProject on my Instagram. And I'll also do little collections here with sources! Check out other projects by following the tag on Instagram, or going to The100DayProject.org. Also, I just discovered the Alimentarium, a museum/ food history resource based in Switzerland!