Jen Hernandez is an illustrator in the Pacific Northwest; she creates characters, monsters, and landscapes in ink and watercolor. She's inspired by her beloved forest home, and a lifelong devotion to the fantasical world of imagination. As a young reader, Jen was enamored with mythology, fairy tales, and adventure, and now as an artist, she draws and paints to bring those magical worlds to life for others.

Her favorite art to look at are illustrations on fantasy paperback covers, card game art, and poster art from the 19th century. She's inspired by artists like Lisa Frank, Terese Nielsen, Alfons Mucha, and the Pre-Raphaelites.

In her own adventure art, Jen likes to combine the smooth lines and delicate detail of ink drawing with blasts of color from water-based inks and watercolor. She can hardly resist adding lots of sparkly rainbows to her fantastical scenes and characters.

She's also a sucker for glitter stickers.


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