Jen Hernandez is a community and justice-oriented conscious entity wrapped into a temporary corporeal form who is also really into cats, nature and myths/fairy tales - especially the dark ones where things get really weird. Her artistic projects include illustration, painting, bad run-on sentences, and soft sculpture created with all kinds of materials, really, and among those typically colorful, sparkly, inky, and if you’re lucky some glowy, too. Jen’s favorite creative inspirations include Frida Khalo, Paolo Friere, Augusto Boal, Alfons Mucha, Lydia FenwickRoss Gay and Lynda Barry.

Jen is a creative community educator, with over 18 years experience in schools and community organizations for learners of all ages, in subjects including arts, science, writing, and visual cultures. Her educational practices and classes aim to encourage learners and other educators to share the role of re-creators of the world, both exploring and taking creative action for change and global progress.

She has participated in creative learning with Theatre of the Oppressed, NYC, the Center for Artistic Activism, and has worked with community organizations such as the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, The Eugene Science Center (formerly The Science Factory), The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, The Corvallis Arts Center, Linn-Benton Community College, and the Portland Underground Graduate School.


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